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Captain's Newsletter May
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As we are now in Week 6 of Lockdown in Scotland, I wanted to share some new up-dates around COVID-19 and the club & course in general. I trust my mail finds both yourself and your family well during these unprecedented times.

COVID-19 Summary
Although it’s painful right now, in many ways we are in a strong position in our sport as it appears from our sporting authorities there will be some softening of the current restrictions and if this comes off, I’m sure we will be very thankful for it. There are many conflicting ‘solutions’ out there but no return date and I expect we will hear more on May 7th from our First Minister and the detail behind her announcement then filtering through regarding golf. This will be the first telling point on how things will progress for us in golf.

A recent article from Scottish Golf suggested our first-phase return would be as “singles or same-household groups” which is at odds with other sporting sources and our own views too. I’ve written to make our views very clear to Scottish Golf that we don’t support their article however I expect the Government will most likely follow the R&A proposals. I’ve attached two articles I feel are the crucial ones for your perusal. These are the 1. The Parliamentary paper given to the government and 2. The R&A guidelines Clubs would be asked to work to if agreed by government. We are in great shape to meet these already if & when we get a green light to re-start.

We have a mix of golfers playing competition & social golf. With the loss of almost 2 months of competition, there will be a calendar re-arrangement but it’s too early at this stage to say how it will look exactly as we have no date yet– I’ve added some observations below from current M&H discussions to keep you informed on our lines of thought.
- Overall we will retain space for both competition and social golf
- To manage social distancing and declare our course fit for purpose, we will move to a daily on-line booking system with manual booking only possible by calling the pro-shop (will mostly-likely also be open by then as a small business).
- Anyone turning up on spec will need to wait in their car until a tee-time becomes available.
- The chute will be covered and you have to ‘check-in’ to the Pro-shop before going to the 1st tee.
- We will re-start only with social golf for a period of time and return to the re-scheduled calendar
- Competition re-engagement will be start as soon as permitted and due process will be announced soon
- Various 4-ball competitions will be compressed to shorter time-windows or different formats – these competitions are the most at risk of cancellation at this stage.
- 3-Ball medal competitions will most likely start in 2-balls. If this has to happen, we will extend tee-off times to later in the day and consider running some competitions over 2-days
- Various Trophy Qualifier competitions (via Medals) may also need to be compressed into shorter windows/formats or cancelled
- Members & Guest days may need to be cancelled as Government guidelines we suspect will prevent the Clubhouse from being open.
- The planned AM-AM event to celebrate our 125 year may be postponed to next year as it takes a long time to organise these events
- The planned 125 Year Celebration Dinner may also be postponed to next year due to the Clubhouse opening guidelines

The course continues to be in great shape and with growth now returning, there will be an increase to the amount of cutting required. It’s incredible to thing we had the wettest Jan/Feb on record and then the driest April on record, but our Course Manager is delighted with the recent light rains we’ve been having

You will have no doubt seen or heard reports on other courses and the troubles experienced with bonfires on greens, motorbikes on some courses and general parties everywhere. This is a travesty for any club to experience at this time but thankfully we have had few issues compared to these. I have been very thankful of the many members who have used their social-distancing walks to great effect around the course as this has helped, along with the Braes car-park closures, to reduce our exposure significantly and I encourage all members to continue their walks and enjoy the course during these times.

The Clubhouse will we expect have to remain close for the foreseeable future but if there is a way of opening to provide a service, we will consider under the correct Social-distancing conditions.

The Pro-shop is designated a small-business and we expect this to open soon when golf is allowed and it will be adjusted to allow SD measures to be deployed and it will also be great to see Steven get his feet under the table.

To continue member engagement, we’re adding more articles and small competitions on our Social Media Sites and whatsapp groups and very soon we will be publishing some podcasts with well-known faces around the Club – some light hearted chat and I hope you find them interesting. And lastly, we’re looking for a volunteer with an IT brain to host an Isolation Quiz on behalf of the Club - the Questions are ready and we just need a capable ‘Facebook-live’ volunteer – if this is you, I’d love to hear from you

We continue to have a small number of vacancies available. Should any members needs any more information, please contact our Secretary Kenny Morrison for more details.

Once again, I thank you all for your valued support in and around the Club and with a little bit of luck, it won’t be long before we can get back playing again.

Please keep well and stay safe


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